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Commodore, Brighton, UK

Duncan Lustig-Prean

A retired Royal Naval officer, Duncan led the campaign to end the ban on ‘gays in the military’ including leading the test case at the European Court of Human Rights. He was instrumental in changing acts of Parliament on three occasions, in 2000 lifting of ban on lesbians and gays in the military, in 2016 working alone removal of legislation which discriminated against the lesbian and gay community in the criminal Justice act, and in 2017 removal of legislation discriminating against lesbians and gay people in the merchant Navy acts.

In 2020 he persuaded English Heritage to review and amend their policies which discriminate against BME members in the provision of blue plaques on buildings.

As well as a LGBT+ rights campaigner, today at 61, Duncan is a senior instructor for Easyjet and Director of the new Ledward Centre CIC set up in memory of James Ledward, an activist, campaigner, and magazine editor who promoted Brighton’s LGBT community.

What does your identity mean to you?

It’s a label I need to wear until we achieve total acceptance.

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