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Finn, Brighton, UK


Proud Devonian expat happily resident in his adopted home of Brighton & Hove. Finn arrived in the city at 18 and never looked back.

With a career rooted in community, in diverse roles including sexual health, hate crime, education and more, Finn believes by living authentically, by being out and proud, we can be the change we want to see in the world.

What does your identity mean to you?

My identity isn’t a static thing. It changes, evolves and morphs into new things as I journey through life and discover different subcultures and new ways of living. For now I am a boy and a leatherman. I have a love of fitness and a fetish for Adidas. But the overarching aspect of my identity has remained rock solid since I found the word for it: I am queer.

My trans identity is important to me as it affects the way I travel through this world and gives me perspectives that only a trans person can see.

Being queer and trans comes with connections to a whole family of people across the world who share the same struggle of being themselves in a straight cis world. 


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