The IDENTITY Project

Connector, Paris, France


What does your identity mean to you?

I am usually what you decide or prefer me to be. I will not define myself easily as it depends on the mood, on the situation, on the people I am with.
I am what you see of me, what I might give you to see and/or what you want to see.
I know what I do not want to be reduced to.
I am not just gay, muslim or bearded.
I am not just French, born from immigrants.
I usually presents myself as “Hanif, connecting people”. Bringing people together, getting rid of labels to be able to see the other as yourself. Our diversities and singularities are our identity.
My life, my experiences and the opportunities I decided to follow built me. They are my identity.
That the main meaning of the tattoo in my back: I have put the first part of my life behind me, trying to build on this, the next part of it. I am the Love my parents gave me, I am the Love my friends give me.
I am all the people I have met. I cannot be without all those souls that came, went and will keep coming into my life.

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