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Manasa, Barnet, UK

Manasa Saravanan

Meet Manasa (she/her), a passionate and driven individual pursuing a PhD at Middlesex University. Her research focuses on the fascinating field of women’s climate adaptation practices. With a deep commitment to amplifying women’s voices, she is dedicated to understanding and exploring the ways in which women navigate and respond to the challenges posed by climate change.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Manasa is an influential figure as the leading officer of the Women’s Liberation Group at Middlesex University. Recognising the escalating cost of living in London and its impact on women students, she has taken it upon herself to spearhead the establishment of a free “third place” for women on campus. This safe and inclusive space aims to provide a haven where women students at MDX can gather, share experiences, support one another, and collectively address the challenges they face in academia and beyond.

What does your identity mean to you?

To stand up and who I am without any fear or inhibition would be the most liberating thing ever. One day I will be able to do this.

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