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Roz Kaveney, GLF, UK

Roz Kaveney

A British writer, critic, and poet, best known for her critical works about pop culture and for being a core member of the Midnight Rose collective, Roz is a founding member of Feminists Against Censorship and a former deputy chair of Liberty.

In the autumn of 1971, when she met the GLF, Roz was 22 and had already come out as transgender, in what she described as a “frightening time”.

She co-wrote the transgender section of the Gay Liberation Front Manifesto, a pamphlet calling for an end to “oppression”, with a list of demands, including changes in the law and society’s attitudes towards LGBT people.

Like many of the GLF, Roz continued campaigning, marching against Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988, which effectively banned homosexuality being taught in schools and was repealed in 2003, and for 2004’s Gender Recognition Act, which enabled trans people to legally change the gender on their birth certificate.

What does your identity mean to you?

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