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Sam, Barnet, UK

Sam Varnham

Currently the LGBT+ Community Liaison Officer for the boroughs of Harrow, Brent and Barnet, Sam is an openly Gay police officer working within the Metropolitan Police service.

Aiming to connect and listen to the LGBT+ community and be a first point of contact if anybody wishes to speak to an LGBT+ officer, he studied Fine Art for four years at university, and is still involved in exhibitions and cultural activities outside work.

Sam is working hard to try to create a platform in which LGBT+ people feel comfortable and confident to report crime when it happens, but also to be an ear to listen to the community on key issues which are important to them, and try to help and work together to achieve shared goals.

What does your identity mean to you?

Identity to me is so incredibly important because it’s something which is unique and special to each individual person. It’s an honest but innate thing which sometimes is something you cannot choose, it chooses you. I know when growing up i did not like or enjoy that i was Gay, but now with time and different experiences and help and support i am now hugely proud of who i am, and i take pride in helping others to feel the same way.

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