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Emma, Brighton, UK

Emma Crossland

An LGBTQ+ therapist living in Brighton for 19 years, Emma loves that she gets to live by the sea and will get in it whenever possible!

What does your identity mean to you?

My identity as a queer woman is integral to who I am, how I experience the world and the connections I am blessed to have with people in my life. Those of us who are LGBTQ+ have a universal experience of growing up feeling different and out of place which bonds us and gives us empathy for others which I feel is very special. I have been privileged to grow up somewhere where being queer did not put my life in danger and feel that’s important for me to recognise and to try to support LGBTQ+ people who are most marginalised.

As a therapist I experience what it is like to build relationships with others based on mutual trust and understanding without them knowing more about me than the fact that I am queer. So much of me is hidden that at the same time so much is not.


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