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Actor & Entertainer, Brighton, UK

Stephen Richards

Born in London but living in Brighton, Stephen travels the UK as The Brighton Belle, Miss Lola Lasagne. For over over 31 years she has worked the best (and worst) places as well as dipping a dainty toe, on occasion, into television, theatre, & pantomime.

Always hoping for a better deal for the LGBTQ+ scene, he supports organisations and charities throughout the UK that do just that including Brighton & Hove Pride and Brighton’s very own Rainbow Fund which raises money for the most diverse and wonderful groups that make Brighton the unique & colourful city that it is.

What does your identity mean to you?

I’ve spent most of my life dressed as someone else to have my voice heard. To entertain and impress as Lola. To express my opinion and fight for causes and people as Stephen. The two have blended into one over the years and I’ve realised that both ‘personas’ have helped me be true to myself with my beliefs and hopes. But I’m still learning about myself and as I enter the twilight years of my career/life/whatever I’m excited and scared of the future and how I will fit into an ever changing world. And despite a strong identity I still wonder what I can offer to others.



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