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Adam, Brighton, UK

Adam Ceramic

Finalist on The Great Pottery Throw Down and Recent Gold medal winner at Chelsea flower show Adam Ceramic loves anything creative and the adventure of making new things. Clay helped Adam recover when he was in a wheelchair and he champions making creativity accessible to everyone, with all kinds of materials and processes some of which he has invented himself. His whimsical creations are inspired by the sea side and magical woodlands, he never makes the same thing twice and he says that life and creativity should be about having fun.

Imagination is free and everyone should get the opportunity to sit and express themselves, all forms of art are valid and can really help your mental health too as mindfulness activities that give you a fab sense of personal achievement.

Adams work with adults with learning disabilities and the LGBTQ+ Also influence his work, currently he is  creating a huge 7500 tile progress flag inside Brighton’s Ledward Center.
Adam can often be found getting crafty around Brighton with his partner Dan and pug Egg.

What does your identity mean to you?

Being able to be myself and live authentically with my partner Dan means everything to me. I am so lucky that I live in Brighton and we can walk holding hands wherever we go. I live out and proud on all platforms championing being yourself personally and creatively.

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