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David, Barnet, UK

David Clover

David was born and brought up in New Zealand before moving to London where he lives with his husband and son.

A librarian by profession David is Deputy Director Library and Student Support: Head of Library and Learning Enhancement at Middlesex University. He is also Chair of Governors of a Barnet Church of England primary school and, in the past has been a charity trustee including chairing (and volunteering with) GMFA (now HERO), for a number of years.

What does your identity mean to you?

It’s not the most important part of who I am but it is also integral to my experience and the way I think and relate to others. Growing up gay in small town New Zealand, at a time when male gay sex was still illegal there, wasn’t always easy, but it also made me the strong, confident person I am today. I feel a strong connection to my queer community and value our differing but shared experiences and perspectives.

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