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Ian Peter, Barnet, UK

Ian Peter Bugeja-Lane

A graduate of the University of Malta, the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Ian Peter specialises in historical performance as both conductor and soloist, and also conducts early instrumental music and operas from the keyboard (harpsichord/fortepiano).

What does your identity mean to you?


My queer identity has evolved over the years to reveal parts of myself I never thought were there or would even come to the surface when I first came out at the age of 17/18. I am also at a stage where I understand that my queer identity cannot thrive in isolation – which is why I make it a point to elevate others within my community, particularly those under fire at the moment (primarily trans & non-binary folks).

As someone who was adopted from birth, I have also come to understand that my ethnic identity is as important as my queer identity. This is something I have recently explored and have come to celebrate – since I was raised as culturally white, despite my actual DNA and cultural origins being 90% Arab, Middle Eastern, and West African. This has felt like a second β€˜coming out’ within myself – with my brown β€˜otherness’ finally coming to the surface and celebrated on an equal footing with my queerness, which has, in turn, further enriched my multi-faceted identity.

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