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Dean, UK


Dean loves his job and has been creating inspirational and trendy displays across Menswear since 2017. Having always been slightly effeminate, hiding his sexuality has never been an option for him, which has attracted a barrage of homophobic slurs over the years. There were times when Dean hated being gay, but that changed when he went to college. Since then, he’s had the support of his family and friends, who gave him the confidence to venture into queer spaces, finding a wonderfully vibrant, exciting and welcoming LGBTQIA+ community. 

What does your identity mean to you?

I am proud to identify as a gay man and to be a part of a community which is so rich and diverse and full of beauty. What matters first and foremost is that you are true to yourself, you learn to love and embrace who you are and to celebrate that in any way you can.

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