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What does your identity mean to you?

Being femme doesn’t mean you can’t be a lesbian.

I’m consistently mistaken for straight by heterosexual people and have in the past been dismissed as being lesbian because of the way I dress and the way I look (long hair, lashes, heels).

I like to dress feminine and being from a theatre background love makeup glam. But it’s frustrating to always be dismissed and have to validate who I am as a person – people assume they know who you are from what you look like and what you’re about, until they get to know you.

Identity is not just your sexuality – it’s how you dress, your values as a person and who you are.

I am a married lesbian mother of three children (created by fertility treatment) and Founder of The LGBT Mummies Tribe providing advice, support, events and a community for LGBT women and people worldwide looking to start a family.

I see myself as an “LGBT+ Family Activist” and will not stop campaigning for equal rights for our community to be able to have the family they dream of until we have the same rights as our heterosexual counterparts.

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