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Tom, Barnet, UK

Tom Glynn

A born and raised Londoner, Tom grew up in Oakwood but moved to Barnet just over 5 years ago with his partner who was also born in Barnet.

A tattooed pug parent, pansexual and queer man working in the Higher Education sector as a Equality, Diversity and Inclusion professional, he wants to use his power and privilege to champion everyone that feels othered and create the space for them to be heard, recognised and valued. You’ll find him at the intersection of queer culture and horror!

What does your identity mean to you?

I appreciate identifying as queer and using that term can be very personal, as while some embrace the term, others still see it as a degrading slur. I take power in reclaiming the word, and embracing queer culture and the community for me goes beyond my sexual and romantic attraction.

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