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We Did It! Kickstarter Goal Achieved.

All you lovely people – Feel free to laugh, dance, smile, pump a fist in the air, or all four at once – we made the target and YOU have backed not one, but TWO exhibitions for LGBTQ+ History Month.

T H A N K – Y O U !

This project and its exhibitions are a superb way of raising awareness of the real diversity of LGBTQ+ communities across the city and wider UK, as well as supporting inclusion across the city. They also raise interesting questions around the media’s representations of LGBTQ+ communities, and how that can be challenged and changed using honest representation drawn from all intersecting groups that are experienced as part of LGBTQ+ lives.

I am passionate about this work and giving young queer people and those from marginalised backgrounds role models to look up to that we may not have had in our youth.

The projects initial target was Β£1,500 for one exhibition with a stretch target of Β£2,500 for two. Although we sailed thru the first goal, we didn’t make the second, but I am still 100% going ahead with both exhibitions and paying any additional funds required from my own pocket as I firmly believe this collection of the diverse faces of Brighton & Hove’s LGBTQ+ community will reduce stereotypes in the wider public by challenging assumptions of what this marginalised demographic looks like.

I am still taking donations to support the ongoing work thru either PayPal or Ko-Fi if you know anyone with a recent inheritance, a mattress full of notes gathering dust or a lottery win burning a hole in their pocket!

Exhibition Details:

Jubilee Library
06-26 February 2023 β€’ Jubilee St β€’ Brighton BN1 1GE

Plus X Innovation Hub
February/March 2023 β€’ Lewes Road β€’ Brighton BN2 4GL

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